• Features

Patient Management

  • Patient Admissions and Discharges
  • Generate 485 Care Plans and Addendums 
  • Manage Physician Orders - Generate and track orders sent to your physicians
  • Real Time Validation - VisiTrack validates patient demographics as entered, so no information is missed.
  • Initial orders - Optional printable signature form after initial intake data is entered
  • Quick Admission Process - Expedite the intake process using step-by-step input screens
  • Patient Profile -  Printable sheet to be used as Intake referral sheet.
  • Customized Orders - Pull orders from customized database for use on nursing evaluations.
  • Electronic Chart - All documentation stored in one easy to find electronic chart interface.

Visit Scheduling

  • Quick Scheduling - Schedule your Medicare episode in just a few minutes.
  • Error Checking - Built in validation ensures accurate, non-duplication of scheduled employees.
  • Printable Schedules - Print and distribute weekly and monthly calendars and route sheets to nurses.
  • Schedule Compliance - Built in schedule comparison reports ensure care plan compliance


  • Billing Pre Processing - For Medicare certified agencies, verify compliance is met to ensure that no claim is rejected. For example, in order to create a RAP, VisiTrack verifies there is a completed and locked OASIS, signed form 485, and proof of an evaluation visit. If any of these items are incomplete, the RAP cannot be created until the errors are corrected.
  • Generate Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance claims - Quickly scan your patient population for all billable episodes. Select claims to "generate" from a list of all unbilled episodes. Print all claims at time of creation, or later.
  • Print UB-04 and CMS-1500 Claims any time after they are created - Print individual claim forms as needed, or altogether right after claims are generated.
  • Electronic Claim Files - In minutes send an approved batch file to your intermediary or billing clearinghouse. Accomplish your billing in-house and completely independent of any outside billing services.
  • Direct Invoicing to Patients for Non-Covered Services - Print patient invoices with non-covered charges. This is ideal for private home care and palliative care agencies.

Employee Management

  • Employment Records - Store and manage employee personal data, hire dates, and more.
  • Compliance Tracking - Track and customize your staff license types and expiration.
  • Visit Activity Monitoring - Quickly view specific work history for each employee.
  • Payroll Processing - Manage individual nurse pay rates and process payroll for posted visits.
  • Batch Visit Entry - Post notes quickly and efficiently.

Integrated OASIS

  • A simplified user interface with built in validation and quick data entry makes VisiTrack OASIS coding a simple and efficient process. An experienced OASIS coder can input a start of care OASIS in as little as two minutes.
  • Fully Integrated - OASIS assessments are built into the program which means no external software modules costing an extra charge.
  • "Quick Data Entry" - In addition to mouse-clicking, you can use keyboard "hot-keys" to code OASIS much faster than with mouse clicking alone.
  • Enhanced Reimbursement and Cost Calculator - Know your estimated cost compared with your projected payment as soon as the OASIS assessment is completed.
  • Modify reimbursement factors to see the financial impact of various approaches of care at this critical juncture, before any money is spent.
  • Real Time Error Validation - Our Quality Assurance Audits will help you to identify and eliminate data entry errors, clinical mistakes, improper diagnosis coding and much more.
  • Data Export Utility - Completed assessments can be exported into a transmission file accepted by your state data collection system.
  • Episode Compliance- Built in compliance prompts selection of the right OASIS at the appropriate episode time points.

Quality Assurance Tools

  • Audit OASIS for Clinical Consistency and Accuracy Before Submitting to Medicare.
  • Proprietary Clinical Rule-Set Scans OASIS for Clinical Inconsistencies
  • Monitor Factors Contributing to Adverse Events
  • Identify Differences Between Assessments for Patient Improvements and Declines
  • Identify Patient Outcomes for Improvement and Critical Training Needs for Nursing Staff.
  • OBQI Reports

Accounts Receivable

  • Payment Remittance Entry - Quickly post PPS remittance advisals. VisiTrack produces the expected payment amount automatically, as long as the anticipated payment amounts match the actual payments.
  • Account History Review - Retrieve an entire patient's account history with the click of your mouse.
  • Apply Adjustments - Generate a list of all outstanding receivables down to the nearest penny. Select items from the list for immediate account adjustments as needed.
  • Claims Aging for all Insurance Types - Get instant and accurate listings of all outstanding PPS RAP's, Final Claims, and all other insurance claims
  • A variety of Account Aging, Detail, and Summary Reports - Many more powerful and meaningful account summary, history, review and audit reports.

Comprehensive Reports

  • Scheduling and Census
  • Patient and Employee
  • Billing and Accounting
  • Payroll, Doctor Lists and Nursing Orders